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How important is vertical jump to your sport?

Kelli Selman Sep 13 September 17th, 2019
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How important is vertical jump to your sport? If you’re a basketball or volleyball player, you know how imperative vertical jump is to your game. But did you know that even if you’re an athlete whose sport requires staying low to the ground—improving your vertical jump can still provide huge benefit.

The vertical jump can often be used as a measurement tool to assess the ability to display power, explosive strength, and the ability to use your strength. As an example, the NFL uses several tests when evaluating athletes at their NFL Combine. They use a bench press, a 40-yard dash, various tests of agility, and a vertical jump. At first glance, it might appear that the ability to jump would be the least important of the tests conducted. However, the vertical jump is one of the more important drills because it shows how strong the athlete’s legs are and the possible burst they get from that set of muscles.

Coaches can look at the vertical jump of a player and immediately tell how explosive of an athlete they have on their hands. This explosiveness is key for a football player and has a high carryover to pretty much any sport requiring speed, agility, quickness, and explosive power. For these reasons alone, it is a good idea to pay attention to your vertical jumping ability and implement strategies to help improve the skill.

Below is a video with Performance Specialist Kelli Selman offers a series of tips to create the ability to jump higher and increase your overall vertical.

Kelli Selman

Kelli Selman

Kelli Selman is a Performance Specialist at Michael Johnson Performance Headquarters. She has traveled globally instructing MJP’s Certified Nexgen Development Specialist (CNDS) certification, certifying over 400 professionals in the field.

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